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Retrieves exams from remote

Referti&ImmaginiOnLine is the service of retrieving by the web of reportsĀ and radiologic immages dedicated to public and private structures.
The system allows the citizens to download directly from a browser their reports produced in the structure, view radiologic images using the software EyeLiteWeb or download diagnostic images for future consulting.

Reports and imagines are digitally signed and are stored according to the current law.

Referti&ImmaginiOnLine is composed of:

  • application HSA for digital signing management. Such application can be fournished in two options: use of sign token or use of remote signing. Both options provide the roll operation. With the option remote signing, doctors can sign their own reports witouth the physical presence in structure.
  • portal of download of reports and images by citizens.
  • external system of archiving.

The massive signature application allows the user to sign, with just one operation, all reports in the "container" of the reports that are not yet signed, and then deposit them in the "container" of signed reports ready for publication on the web portal.

The report and image download portal allows users to retrieve their report after authenticating with the keys, which will be notified when the payment of exam is done. The permanence of reports and images in the portal will be limited to a period of time to be established with the center (usually 45 days)

The external storage system allows you to archive signed reports and images at a facility that will completely handle their legal retention.

Communication methods from and to the structure's information system are implemented after analysis with the supplier of that system.

It is possible to request the system only for online report management or to attach the web view of the radiological images to an online referral system already present in the structure.

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