A light ris

It is an application, based on Web technology, for the management of workflow in Radiology.
The purpose of this program is to collect, manage and store the useful information generated in the structure, allowing to cover the entire radiological process, from booking and acceptance of the exams,to the coordination of the logistical aspects (occupation of the rooms, etc ...), up to the reporting and archiving of the service.

It is a "light" RIS software dedicated to radiological studies, which do not require close integration with hospital systems; it nevertheless maintains the full functionality of a high-level RIS.

The front-end for managing agendas and patient schedulers is very well developed. The web technology used on the intranet allows access to information from different types of elaborative platforms, using the product in a manner free from hardware and operating system.

This allows you to insert Resked in already operational contexts without having to completely change the working environment. Resked is compatible with digital signature software. The application provides DICOM, HL7 services and the interfaces needed for workflow management of entities producing diagnostic images.

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