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The solution for CD patient production

It is a system for remote access to DICOM images coming from production centers of diagnostic examinations for consultation and second opinion.
The system consists of a medical image storage server (PACS open source dmc4chee) which receives in protected mode from medical diagnostics the images to be distributed and provides secure private connections to the clients of doctors enabled to consulting / reporting on such images (with the viewer EyeLite).

The image access capabilities of EyeLite allow this program to be used for remote viewing of radiologic images even with a standard laptop and an Internet access key using standard medical protocols (WADOs).

The doctor who connects and displays images is also given the option of writing directly to a "protected" interface his / her opinion, which will be visible in real time by the consultant.

Remote service can be used for:

  • reporting (doctors radiologist who operate on the territory)
  • consulting (primary care physician)
  • training (database of “study cases”)

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