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Dicomizzazione e acquisizione immagini da sorgenti video esterne

Application for DICOM images viewing.
It can easily display DICOM images from a central server (PACS) or directly from standard patient CD structures (DICOMDIR).

EyeLite is mainly used:

  • in hospital unit for consulting of patients' diagnostic exams;
  • in medical surgery for viewing patients' CD;
  • in operating room with medical monitors dedicated to preparation of surgical interventions;
  • in teleconsulting, for images sharing.

Its main features are quick access to images made available by the central server, ease of use, and flexibility.

Optimized for use in the Operating Room with dedicated medical monitors, in the ISD version fully utilizes the technology of the same Totoku monitors.
Product features

Network receiving DICOM images from central archive.

Direct loading of images from DICOMDIR structures and from filesystem

Visualization and manipulation of loaded images:

  • contrast / brightness modification
  • equalization curves
  • LUT inversion
  • zoom
  • flip and 90° rotations
  • measuring instruments (distances, angles, areas, ellipses, volumes)
  • function keys for the most frequent operations
  • multislice visualization
  • cine visualization
  • 3D – MPR visualization
  • 3D series sincronization


  • interactive browsing of immages of loaded patient
  • shortcuts browsing in workflow

Installation from a centralized WEB repository

Download the leaflet